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Best Cyber Monday Deals myths

Before you buy on Cyber Monday look at this don’t be fooled.


Blade and Soul Pvp Direction

expanding into better open world pvp.

Are We Truly Special

Looking at the universe as a whole, nothing seems to matter so the concept of anything being special seems to be a paradox. However, looking at life in the scope of relativity moments in life seem to have massive value. Taking a step forward The amazingly wonderful and sad fact

5 Reasons To Keep Your Hobby

Even if you aren’t good

One-Third of My Life’s Investment

My back hurts. Why? I’ve made a bad investment. At night I am in pain constantly getting up with a stiff neck and sore back. This could be a big reason as to why my sleeping pattern isn’t on track. I have a horrible bed. Most bed’s should last about

Late Night “Conversating like their still here”

An intro on how to move on when you lost a best friend.

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