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Ugandan knuckles; Racist

Let me get my thoughts because this isn’t a post to preach to the choir. This post was made to explain to everyone who thinks it’s “just funny.” Later I will talk more on this in my Podcast this Thursday. Let’s first start off with what people first seen as

First Publication PDF

I’ve always wanted to do one ever since I started working in journalism as a college student. Things are looking very good this time around. I have at least half of the content that I need to showcase in February. There will be a feature piece on Valentine’s day and

The Bears Were Robbed Again

The Bears are once again a much  better team than the record shows. If we did if we didn’t I know I hate saying if. But formally speaking aside form my podcast rant Here is why we were robbed. The Refs That pass interference call was a horrible call that

The 80’s Standard on Beauty in R&B

Now that was my kind of beauty. Well more so the personalities that they represent. A good example is Caribbean Queen By Billy Ocean. In today’s standards that woman is normal. We for video vixen standards at least. She is a thin kinky haired black woman. She is average at

Wins and Losses Of Life

Are you trying to win every day, every month of every year?

Snow Drift Model Preview

One of the first people to push me back My nickname is ice   As I journey on my farewell tour I found a new model who didn’t want me to give it up. This shoot says a lot about where I am as a photographer and an artist. The

Lingerie Politics

A quick recap on a recent event.

October Updates!

Note worthy news for the eyes.

Photo Contest for Kings and Queens

This is for everyone, Show your worth as a king and queen.

Sneak Peak Concept/Update

Big changes are coming as support starts to grow! Thank you, everyone for your support!

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