Featured Artist

This is a collection of other artist that I work with and their journey and story. The photos are by me unless stated otherwise. Here you can support your favorite artist without going through the hassle of social media and its guidelines.

If anyone is looking to be apart of the featured list, this is where you create a WordPress account which I can give you permission to post to your page and blog to help promote yourself. This is where you can express yourself freely without restraints. It is currently free if you get in I just ask that no one was hurt and the artist are credited. Contact me Ijacobs381@gmail.com


Links of creators website, not everyone comes on board to the site but I still support them.


We will start with models but eventually this list will expand as people gather to this site to contribute. This section will include their portfolio, upcoming events, written works and some will contribute to the blog sections so you will catch them there as well.

Tina’s Art

Lanie Doll’s Base for Toy Soldiers