Photo used from the Enaroux Supply Co. SIte. I do not own this photo.

Enaroux Supply Co. – “The waves are treacherous and the journey is long, but together we are building a map to our success. Are you prepared for the journey ahead? The better question is…”









The collecttif
Photo used from the Collectif site, I am not the owner of this photograph.

The collectif  “I think when we ask the universe for something it is best to remain open to receive. Majority of things we ask for we don’t necessarily know how we are going to get it but we just know its going to happen…..”










Black Photo Culture – My take on a more practical form of activism, leave the memes at the door.


Join to share ideals on the night life or the adventure that life has to show us, so we can show others how to really live!


Nubian Red Collections

I make hand made jewelry for men and women.

Primarily wire wrapped rings, earrings & necklaces.

Hand painted wooden earrings as well! 😉